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Hello San Antonio!... I'm Cindy Stiggers! Your author & photographer for the book publication: "LET'S GO TO SAN ANTONIO!" I'm also a retired schoolteacher of the Texas Public School System for '20' consecutive years. Now I enjoy writing, and inventing along with lots & lots of photography. My main passion, however, is writing poety, quotations, novels, songs, tributes, proclamations, dedications and inspirational words of encouragement to the readers. "I love to love" & "I like to like" people! See!...There's an inspirational quote to you from me! Enjoy my new publication about San Antonio. I've lived in our fair city for over "50" years. Take the journey of a lifetime w/me and see SA in a uniquely different way day by day! It's SA on display and we should'nt want it any other way. So, "LET'S GO TO SAN ANTONIO!"


The inspiration behind my book publication started with the thought of taking all of the names, people, places, and things that rhymed with San Antonio and placing them into a mural or pictorial storytelling format to showcase our city. As the ideal danced in my head for several months I decided to move towards making the idea a reality. I sought out a publisher for my book and found a fantastic match. As I begin to photograph the people, businesses, and places in SA I thought to add videos to the images. So I progressed to interviewing subjects before and after photographing. Next, I begin to attend various events occuring and reoccuring in our city.  As I continue to work on the completion of my book publication I am met with thousands of people who are fun-loving, amicable, and eager to participate in my journey. "Thank you!" Without you there is no publication.

Along with over "5000" photos and  over "500"+ videos taken to date, the book will also feature  poetic storytelling about various events + quotations and many other treasures that will make it one of the most memorable experiences of a lifetime for you! Take the journey with me San Antonio as we walk, talk,  run, ride, laugh, cheer, dance, celebrate, cook, get married, march, and sing to Fiesta this Spring! Again, I say in the most delightful way, this is our SA on display and we should'nt have it any other way!

                                            ;;;PRE-ORDER TODAY!"...."BUY IT NOW!"

The first "1000" Pre-orders will include "1" FREE Complimentary 2015-2016 Desktop Reversible Calendar and "1" featured spot in our "SA" 1000 CITY THEME PHOTO SECTION!... Your featured photo can be of you, family, friend, pet, BFF, church, school, club, or any photo you choose. Send it to the following e-mail address: by or before April 1, 2015 along with your Pre-paid receipt info and I'll do the rest for you to appear in front of the Alamo, on a Fiesta boat, @ the Tower of Americas, in front of the Friendship Torch (downtown) or on another one of my city themed backgrounds designed especially for your book appearance in "LET'S GO TO SAN ANTONIO!" ..."PRE-ORDER TODAY!" DON'T WAIT!

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